WORKSHOP #1 - St.Winefrides primary school

We're delighted to be able to share a few pictures from our first creative workshop, in collaboration with The London College of Fashion, for the exceptionally bright kids at St.Winefrides primary school in east London last month. 
It was the perfect opening event for our new community project aiming to help educate and inspire the new generation that they can also contribute to and find creative solutions to global pollution problems.
It was incredible to see how alert, enthusiastic and talented these kids were in response to the Q & A's and in sculpting their own Elephants from the plastic containers they bought in from home.

This project is all about impacting conservation through the power of Art and the power of community.

There is certainly an emphasis on creative thinking within our workshops, and this is because we believe the most valuable source of education comes naturally through taking part in our communities.

All the wonderful Elephant sculptures made by this class will be exhibited alongside our giant plastic circus Elephant in central London later this year. The dates and location will be announced very soon!