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We imagine a world where plastic is no longer created and the years of unwanted plastic waste is seen as a creative resource – reused, repurposed and reincarnated a million times over. We visualise a time when plastic is considered a valuable commodity and revered for its design and artistic capabilities. Only then will our seas be picked clean of plastic waste and our oceans be renewed to the crystal clear waters they once were.  Help us realise our vision.



Your donation allows us to realise our goals and create partnerships around the world. With your help, we run creative conservation projects in local communities, start more creative initiatives and seek the most constructive solutions that will end plastic waste and the destruction of our planet.


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There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. We look for creative and passionate partners who understand us and want to support our vision and will help us activate this idea in local communities around the world. Join now and make an impact!